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Do It Again! Some of you have been in a holding pattern, but God is saying today, Do it again!


Some of you have been in a holding pattern, but God is saying today, DO IT AGAIN! Go back and DO IT AGAIN!

You may have been in a holding pattern for so long that you fit all of the categories of the men I am going to make reference to in this blog. These men are Abraham, Joseph, Moses and Jesus.

These men all had something in common with us today. These men had to go through a process, learn some things and unlearn some things, to be emptied out and then filled up. They all thought that they were ready to go forth with their assignment, because they knew what the assignment was. Like many of us, they did not know that they had to go through the process, they didn’t know anything about the preparation that was necessary before they could fully step out to fulfill their destiny.

There are at least four things that each of these men had in common because of the call of God on their lives:

1. They all stepped out initially in the flesh, going their way without seeking God's counsel.

2. They all had to suffer some things as part of their process - the perfecting had to take place,

3. They all had to spend time in a dry place, in a wilderness - part of the process is very dry, lonely, and uncomfortable.

Process takes time. Everyone's process does not look the same, but has the same components. Just as a seed in planted underground, in the dark, not being seen under its right time - kairos/appointed time time to come forth.

For Abraham it took at least 25 years, Joseph it took 13 years, for Moses - WOW! It took 40 years on the backside of the mountain hiding. You must be patient in the process, that you don't abort the process.

As I end this blog, I have a question for you. What is that thing that has been holding you back from walking out your destiny, that thing that is keeping you from completing your assignment?


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