Shore Up the Foundation: A Shifting in the Spirit

Shore Up the Foundation: A Shifting in the Spirit!

Romans 12:1-2... a Living transformed...

Matthew 7:24:Therefore whosoever heareth these sayings of mine, and doeth them, I will liken him unto a wise man, which built his house upon a rock:

A few weeks ago, the Lord showed me a vision. In this vision was a house on the beach. The house was held up by four stilts. The look outside was cloudy and dreary, a dark over cast. At this point, I heard in my spirit, "shore up the foundation."

As I sought the Lord, He let me know that the foundation in which I and many in the body of Christ are standing on is not enough, its not strong, and stable enough to withstand was is coming, He also let me know that this shoring up of the foundation is in preparation for what is going to manifest due to the shift that is going on in the spirit.

In order for us as believers to not miss what God is doing in this season in the body of Christ, we have to allow a shift in the process, in our way of thinking, a shift in the way we have been doing church, and a shift in the way we are living our lives. We can only do this through the power of the Holy Spirit as we surrender, yield ourselves to the control of His Spirit. Hence, the LIVING sacrifice that we are to decide to be…

There is a shifting in the spirit, which means that the foundational truths that we have been standing on are no longer enough to hold us up. We have got to let the word get into us. Surface word is not going to be enough anymore. Just scratching the surface is not going to be enough, head knowledge is not going to be enough.

As is stated in the second scripture listed above, Matthew 7:24, we are

told that if we do as the word of God says, then we will be able to stand against anything that comes our way.

Some of you are probably already experiencing this shift in the spirit. Some of you already know the answer as to whether the word is GETTING INTO YOU, some of you will find out soon. God is letting you know right now. That it is not going to be enough. You are going to have to go deeper and draw closer.

One of the speakers that I listen to, Bob Proctor, talks about a paradigm shift that has to happen in our way of thinking. A paradigm is a pattern, a model or an example. So when we look at it from the perspective of our thinking, we realize that our way of thinking, our mindset has to change. In his teachings he also talks about a terror barrier. This is something that wants to stop you from moving forward in the spirit. It is a spirit that wants to terrify you, to insight extreme fear. Some of you have already decided that you are going to continue to press and the struggle is real. You are experiencing this terror barrier, this blockage in the spirit, which is warfare in the spirit that wants you to back down and turn around and go back to maintain the status quo. You can feel it! Hence, the shift in the spirit that makes it necessary to shift in the process – the way you think. Another level of transformation has to take place, has to happen. This is why worship is so crucial!

I am like Apostle Paul right now. I beseech you my sisters and brothers to present your bodies as a living sacrifice! This is a decision that only you can make. God can’t do it for you. The Pastor can’t do it for you. Your mother and father can’t do it for you. I was telling my Pastor about the vision of the house on the beach. I know it was a word for me, but I believe too that it is a word for the body of Christ, because this is the word God has given me to speak to you through this blog. When I thought/reflected about that house in my vision, and what would happen when the wind and the water came up against the stilts that was holding up the house, how it would shift and start to lean one way or the other, but not the way that it is was supposed to be. It would no longer be upright.

For a season, a time, the stilts were enough for the house to be able to stand, but when the winds get stronger, when the water starts to come in with more force, the stilts are not going to be enough. We have to shore up our foundation for the shift that has started in the spirit and is happening in the spirit. Again I want to admonish you, that what you have had thus far, the foundation you have been standing on, is not enough.

A shifting has to happen in our thinking to coincide with the shift that has and is happening in the spirit. We have to lean even more in God’s direction. We cannot continue to do church as usual or to live life as usual!

and needs us to be. Again, God is saying to us today, that a shifting has taken place in the spirit, therefore a shift has to take place in the process that He allows us to go through to get us to where He wants

Some of you may be wondering why you are going through such adversity; it seems like all hell and it hounds are coming up against you. The warfare seems to have increased. You may be wondering what in the world is going on. What is all this chaos about? God needs us to go to the next level in Him to be able to withstand what is going on in the spirit world. He has a great work for us to do, but we can’t do it at the level we have been operating at. Again, it may seem like the hounds from hell are heavy on your track. They very well may be for some of you.

Our thinking has to change in order for us to change. Transformation is a process. Some of us have been going through a process that has caused us to lean the wrong way. In other words, because it is easier, many want to go along with the tide. Let me warn you if you lean the way of the tide you will be washed out to sea and utterly destroyed by the plans of the enemy of you soul. Therefore, a mind transformation must take place. For us to be transformed, to change, we have to go through a process.

Do not resist the shift in the process. Allow God to shift your thinking as you study, meditate and focus on His word in prayer and in worship. You have got to come up higher that you may see it from His perspective. God wants to show us something that is and must come. In the book of Revelations, He tells Apostle John to come up higher (Rev 4:1). If you do not do this, you will not be able to see the storm in the spirit before it comes. God loves us and wants the best for us. However, we must heed His word! Come into the secret place, hide under the shadow of His wings, sit at His feet and learn of Him. Come into a place of worship with Him.

God wants us prepared. He does not want us caught unawares! He said he would not do something without letting His prophets know.

This again means, we have to allow the process to shift us, to shift our hearts and therefore our thinking, that we may stand firm. Do Not be like the house on shaky ground, when the cares of life come we wobble and crumble, and are washed away by spiritual warfare that is going on in the heavenlies and manifesting in the earth. I want to encourage you before it is too late to, get strengthen, shored up you we are able to stand firm.

Is this something that you are experiencing? Are you sensing a shift, a change in the spirit that feels very uncomfortable? Are you feeling led to do things in a different way than your normal? If you have answered yes to either of these questions, please send us your comments through this website or on our Facebook page.

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