Where do I go from here?

This is my first blog of the year. I am starting this Blog page by asking myself and you some questions. Where do I go from here? Where do I start? This is the beginning of the year. Another new year, another new day and another new beginning. Everyday is a chance for a new beginning.

However, if we don't change the way that we think which will in turn change out behaviors, which in turn will change our life, then it will be just another year, and another day with everything remaining the same. I would like for you to join me in taking this journey to a new beginning, therefore a new life. This blog page is just one small part of my new beginning, my vision, my dream. Where do you want to start?

Hopefully, you will be open and honest with yourself and then with those of us who are willing to share our thoughts, feelings, dreams and aspirations. If we do this, then we will be able to help others along the way to move forward starting today. Your success depends on my success and my success depends on your success. That is what the blog page is alll about.

As we share in candid, open, honest and transparent dialogue it will help all of us to be successful in obtaining our dreams and visions. No longer will they have to be something we imagine or just wish for, like we are wishing on a star. This blog page is a part of my dream. What are you hoping for?

What is your dream? Have you written down your vision? Can people read it and say, I want to be a part of what you are doing?How many times have I started something and stopped?

To be able to move forward there are a few questions that we must answer, such as those above and below. You probably have more questions that we need to answer. So, please feel free to share the with us. Even your answers to these questions and any other that you believe may help someone else.

Where do I go from here, is another question I have to ask myself every now and then. Is this something that you ask yourself? This helps me to stay focused and to stay on track. Every now and then I find myself at a crossroad, needing to make a decision.

If you continue to look at things based on past experiences you will not be able to move forward. It is like looking through your car rear view mirror. Would you try to drive your car looking only in your review mirror? Can you imagine what would happen? I can! It would not be pretty. You will most likely crash into to something because you are moving in the wrong direction, going backwards.

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