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When Praying Women Come together.......

      The Daughters of Zion Threshing Floor (DOZTF) Intercessory Prayer Ministry  mandate/charge is to cry out for those who are or have recently been incarcerated, especially men of color and Christian church leaders.    It has been satan’s plan for centuries to suppress, depress, oppress and annihilate men of color, mainly in the United States.


      During slavery time satan used the white society to destroy the black family, by suppressing and oppressing the black man.  Black women tried to protect their families by teaching their sons to be submissive in order to keep them safe.   This was something white society counted on then and many are  counting on now.

Those with political and financial power in our  society continue to tear the black boys and young men from their families.  Satan recognizes the influence that women have over men.  It is time women realize the influence they have and the mandate given to be 'enmity between the woman and satan, between satan's seed and her seed.'  (Gen 3:15) and come against the spiritual and societal powers that seek to undermine and kill off the male seed and  our church leaders through various forms of spiritual warfare. 


      Genesis 3:15 And I will put enmity between thee and the woman, and between thy seed and her seed; it shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise his heel.


      In the Garden of Eden the woman was beguiled/tricked/deceived by Satan,  It is time for women, especially women of color, to stand in the gap, to be a spiritual help meet for  our men.  


     DOZTF Ministry are a group of women who know that they are called for such a time as this to call forth the release of those who have been bound not just in physical prisons, and stripped physically but who have been imprisoned and stripped spiritually, mentally, and emotionally.


      The methods used to fill the prisons today are another form of slavery that satan has devised to oppress and destroy men of color.  The DOZTF is for women who God has called to set the captives free through intercessory prayer.  Women who have been called to wail between the porch and the altar on behalf of men, especially men of color.  


Part Two of our mandate is to be spiritual armor bearers for Christian church leaders.  

Many of our church leaders are mentally, spiritually and emotionally imprisoned as well and therefore are imprisoning the very ones they are called to offer freedom and liberty through the Gospel of Jesus Christ!


Again, God is calling for wailing women.  Women who don't mind wailing for our men and  Christian church leaders of all denominations.


If you have sensed the pull to answer the call, please fill out the form on our "Workshops and Conferences" page and we will contact you as soon as possible.

Peace and Blessings!


To call-in to speak to the host, give a comment, pray or to submit a  prayer request  - dial the above and dial the number “one” from your phone key pad.  You also may enter your prayer request from our chat room on the show page during the show.

Join us for a “Time of Intercession” with the Daughters of Zion Threshing Floor Intercessory Prayer .  Please check our show page for the next scheduled broadcast.    Call 657-383-0963 or you may gain access via your computer:




Web Email Address:  info@higherdesign4living.com


If you want to submit your prayer request(s) in advance, you may do so by emailing us or by submitting a request by completing the form below. 



This is what happens to satan's schemes against the people of God.   When the Daughter of Zion come together to cry out between the porch and the altar for others, the enemy's head gets crushed.

A Changed Mind ...... A Changed Life


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