Ministerial Biographical Sketch

Elder Gloria Holloway

Teacher, Preacher, Intercessor, Spiritual Coach, Radio Host, Facilitator


Center of Renewal Ministries, International (Romans 12:2)

(Teaching/Preaching Ministry)

 ♦ ♦ ♦

Daughters of Zion Threshing Floor Ministry (Micah 4:13; Isaiah  41:15)
(Intercessory Prayer Ministry)

 ♦ ♦ ♦

Higher Design for Living International Network (Revelation 4:1)
(Spiritual Coach, Mentoring, and Media Ministry)


Elder Gloria Holloway is a true worshiper from the heart and a prayer warrior, who exemplifies the Spirit of Peace. Elder Holloway was born and raised in Washington, DC. She was baptized at the New Samaritan Baptist Church (NSBC) at a very young age under the leadership of the late Reverend Robert Harrison.  


In March 1994, under the leadership and tutelage of Bishop Michael V. Kelsey, NSBC.  She served in many ministries during her tenure at New Samaritan Baptist Church.  Elder Holloway established and directed the first administrative support ministry until her tenure ended in December 1998. 


In 1999, she joined New Revival Baptist Church under the leadership of Bishop, Dr. Paul A Wells, who shared the same passion and vision from God to help the homeless, less fortunate and those transitioning back into society. This led to a short period of collaboration, as Elder Holloway was directed in 2001 on a spiritual journey to further her spiritual growth. She likens it to going away to college. She was led back to New Revival Kingdom Church in 2009 to continue the ministry of helping the recently incarcerated she was called to serve.  Her motto became and is  “a changed mind brings about a changed life.”


Elder Holloway was licensed and ordained to preach the gospel in the year 2000, as the first spiritual daughter under the leadership and tutelage of Bishop Paul A. Wells, New Revival Kingdom (Baptist) Church. She was instrumental in the founding and organizing of the New Revival Center of Renewal (NRCR) in 2000.  She held various positions from 2009-2015, as Vice President; Chief Operating Officer; Director, Women’s Department; Director of the New Revival Training Institute until her departure in 2015.   NRCR was a one-stop center focusing on meeting the needs of returning ex-offenders, veterans, homeless and their families in the State of Maryland and the Washington DC metropolitan vicinity.


In early 2008, she organized the Daughters of Zion Threshingfloor (DOZTF) Ministry, an intercessory prayer ministry based on Micah 4:13 -Arise and thresh, O daughter of Zion…….. thou shalt beat in pieces many people..... (plans of the devil/our enemy) that hosts annual prayer gatherings. She also broadcasts a live intercessory prayer internet radio show every Friday at 10:00 pm on HigherDesign4Living/


In addition, she produces and hosts the “Higher Design For Living Show” (internet radio show) established in February 2010, based on Revelations 4:1-2 - …… Come up hither, and I will shew thee things which must be hereafter…... The show was first aired in February 2011. The show broadcasts include teaching, preaching, and prophetic forums, as well as shows featuring various topics by guest speakers.


She earned a Bachelors Degree in Biblical Studies in 2000 at Faith Bible College, Washington, DC  and a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration in the year 2012 at Columbia Union College/Washington Adventist University.  Elder Holloway also earned a Masters Degree in Religion in 2015 at the Washington Adventist University in Takoma Park, Maryland.

Elder Holloway is currently under the spiritual covering and tutelage of Bishop W. Andrew, Best, Jr., Pastor,  The Voice Church (formerly Worship World Church) in Laurel, Maryland, as Church Administrator, Associate Elder and Pillar Leader: Education and Evangelism Ministries.

She is the mother of one daughter, Nicole Sargent, son (in-law) Sheldon and four wonderful specially-gifted grandchildren, April, Nishel, Sheldon II and Cole. She is also the spiritual mother of many spiritual daughters and sons in the US and Nigeria.


Elder Holloway ministers as a preacher, teacher, leadership conference speaker, worship leader, workshop and retreat facilitator.   She has and continues to mentor many on her journey of spiritual growth as one assigned to be on the front line in God’s End-time Kingdom Army. More than anything her desire is to glorify God in all of who she is and all that she does for the sake of Christ.


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