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January 3, 2016

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Mission Statement


Higher Design for Living (HDFL) Network, is  an organization that provides workshops and mentoring sessions (one-on-one and group sessions) designed to equip, empower, transform and mobilize our clients.


Vision Statement

To see lives transformed, people empowered, equipped and mobilized to fulfill their destiny. 



As a result of our mentoring and workshop sessions our clients are able to breakthrough  mental barriers and mindsets that have held them back from moving through the transition process of life.  They will discover the cause for taking the wrong road, making wrong decisions, and discover the root cause of why their divine purpose has not manifested.  

Our sessions are based on biblical principles, best business practices and universal laws which are purposed to transform, empower, equip and mobilize our clients that their goals, objectives, dreams and visions may be manifested in their lives.


We also collaborate with other organizations by offering referrals for services to the re-entry arm of organizations,  to outreach ministries and components, individuals, groups and community organizations. 

HDFL offers the services of transformation coaches, spiritual counselors, career counselors and Bible teachers.


April 12, 2019

August 26, 2017

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Click on the Audio player below to hear selected previous messages from our BlogTalk Radio shows.  At first you may hear an advertisement.  I am sure you will be blessed. 

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