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Higher Design for Living Network presents a school of ministry starting this summer, coaching/mentoring sessions, and podcasts that will take the participant on a journey of learning and delving into some basic but powerful biblical principles.


We will eventually offer workshops, personal development sessions, videos, and blogs consisting of teachings, panel discussions, and great dialogue with our guests. 

Bottom line, these sessions will bring about a changed mind to a changed life, and a paradigm shift that will allow the participant to view life from a higher perspective, and a more positive mindset.  The journey of delving will also enable the participant to be well on the way to living a life of higher purpose and greater rewards as purposed by God, the very reason for their existence.


Our sessions will also assist the participant in recognizing and changing the belief systems that hinder fulfilling their personal and business goals, dreams, and aspirations.


Your inner thoughts determine your outer circumstances!

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